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SNUBE CUBE - " easy as making a cardboard box"

Aluminum 3D Online


Hanwa Innovation Solutions, LLC (HAINSO),

is a Design Research Company that produces top quality everyday items for the qualified customer. At HAINSO we believe that 


Hanwa Innovation Solutions, LLC has provided you with your favorite HAINSO Aluminum 3D products built-in: Cube, Brick, Ring, and Watch. With Cube you can explore MediaCube, MusiCube, AppCube, etc. 


Aluminum Cube

A deployable media platform/canopy that is easy to build/deploy, shelters people during social events (both outdoor and indoor with a waterproof plastic material), creates street media for social events (with the potential for AD revenue), folds for convenient use and storage (from 8 feet cubed to around 4 feet cubed), and uses digital projection technology to bridge the gap between people (like alumni and students within a school context, for example).

Aluminum Watch

Hainso Aluminum Watch is an essential social space for experiencing live local music events that are otherwise inaccessible to the public from the campus or elsewere. Aluminum 3D uses Sketchup, Google Maps, and, GPS to enhance the experience of connecting virtual and physical music lovers, tent communes, local bands, etc. Essencially, users can display their tents online (or in Big Bear) and ping their live music, Campanile bells, or other music to other alumni/student closeby or on the other side of the planet. 

Aluminum Ring

Aluminum Ring which is an online gallery for students/alumni to purchase and download 3D rings (to 3D Print) for school sports games. Each ring is around 1 cubic inch (around the size of a golf ball) and can be purchased for around $29.99 on the website or by touching a touch-enabled Snube Cube on the street. Then using a 3d printer the rings can be printed to size and worn before, during, and after games. Subscribers can view and manipulate the rings online before they buy. 

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