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Change the way you live on-the-fly.


eSCHEMATOR™ helps users generate spatial designs on the fly with a powerful space solver engine. Users can generate many design choices as the app creates and displays several spatial possibilities within a grid – for room layouts, for building floor plans, etc. Think of it as a combination of the shape solver aspect of Tetris programs that fit shapes within a grid, and, the space solver aspect of chess puzzle programs that find different ways of getting a checkmate with chess pieces within a grid. So, with eSCHEMATOR™ the grid is used to define spaces (some architectural) to scale and rearrange within a grid based on attributes and rules defined by a database of codes, user input or a combination of both.



“Computer, design my house.” For example, Jesse, a building designer, can buy the eSCHEMATOR™ app for $1.99 at the app store, input site requirements (like location, grid scale, programs, etc.), code requirements (like ADA width restrictions), set sizes for the programs (like 100SF for the Bathroom, or, use a template from the app’s database of hundreds of possible layouts), and then click “solve” to get a list of different possible ways to arrange kitchen, bedroom, and toilet spaces within the grid space of the app. If satisfied with one solution Jesse can export to a CAD/BIM program and further develop the design or share images of the new layout with friends. However, if Jesse is not satisfied with the results, then the filter tool can be used to refine the design based on a list of comment-critiques (like “room space too big,” “not enough flow,” etc.). Then Jesse can re-solve the design and review the optimized results.



eSCHEMATOR™ is a valuable asset to the green design/business industry and allows professionals, owners, teachers, and students to be able to research design potential in a timely fashion. Architects can use the app to accelerate design ideas, explore Feng Shui or flow efficiency concepts with layout presets that guide space design (corridor width limits, relationship hierarchy, etc.). This storage advantage and time benefit is quite similar to how Computer Aided Drafting, CAD, and Building Information Modeling, BIM, tools help improve architect’s lives; from the age of manual drafting (although some still prefer this method) till the BIM advances that are now available architects can now store presets as XREFs and blocks, and, save time by parametrically updating design changes (like with BIM). This app is an extension of BIM as Design Problem Solver, DPS.

The potential to generate significant capital (ie. make money) on the eSCHEMATOR™ app is great. In the mobile advertising sector alone 2011 revenues reached $1.6 Billion – NY Times, 2012. Also, it would be convinient for Jesse, our sample designer, to be able to walk the site with a smartphone and use the eSCHEMATOR™ app to search for layout potential (81% of cell phone users in US will be using a smartphone by 2015 – Goldman Sachs, 2011). If considered a productivity tool, the eSCHEMATOR™ app has a potential of generting an average of $2,782 per month per app at the app store (Developer Economics 2012).


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